Catalyst Cooperative Handbook#

Welcome to the Catalyst Cooperative Handbook! This handbook contains the cooperative’s bylaws, policies and general information.

The handbook allows members to version control and review changes to the cooperative policies. We also hope it gives prospective members and other cooperatives insight into how we operate.

Table of Contents#

  • Catalyst 101 contains useful background about Catalyst, cooperatives and our onboarding process.

  • Catalyst How Tos explains how to do common tasks at Catalyst like time tracking.

  • The Policies page contains information about our cooperative policies such as paid time off and benefits. Changes to this page are typically born out of governance discussions.

  • Our Bylaws page contains the purpose and fundamental rules governing the cooperative. Changes to our bylaws are born out of governance discussions and special board meetings.

  • Articles of Incorporation establish the existance of our cooperative! They are unlikely to change.

  • The Handbook How Tos page explains how to edit this handbook.